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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Best Christmas Decorating Tips for a Melbourne Townhouse

People who are renting an apartment or townhouse in Melbourne may be on the impression that there is no need to put decorations. You have all the opportunities to beautify your place and achieve the Christmassy feel that everyone in your home wants. There is no need to spend lots of money on Christmas lights Australia and exert too much effort just to set up a Christmas tree on a very tight space. Depending upon how you live and what your townhouse looks like, there are ways to make sure that you’re ready for the holiday.


As long as you welcome the holidays with fun and laughter, it doesn’t matter if you decide to decorate outdoors or indoors. However, we always think that a beautifully decorated residence is one way of attracting guests for your Christmas party and impress family and friends with the way you prepared for the holiday. Here are easy-to-follow decorating tips for your Melbourne townhouse:

The Door


Being the most important part of your residence, the door is the place where you put Christmas in front of everyone so that your guests will know that you celebrate Christmas the way they do. Put a wreath with all the trappings of lights, holly, and ivy.

Living Room


The living room is where much of the Christmas activities happened so make sure it has the Christmas feel written all over it. Since the Christmas tree is the centrepiece, visit a Christmas shop Melbourne and find the decorations that will blend well with your living room. Perhaps, you may want to try constructing a mini nativity scene with beautiful figurines and other diorama items.



Your guests would love to eat if they see that you put the holiday spirit into your kitchen. Use lovely Christmas-themed rugs, potholders, plates, and kitchen utensils to satisfy their appetite. Stickers and magnets with Santa Claus and reindeer designs should fill up the refrigerator as lights flicker by the kitchen counter.

Lawn and the outdoors


If you have bushes and small trees outside your townhouse, you can decorate it with Christmas lights all you want as long as you’re confident that your neighbours won’t steal it from you. Do you have enough space outside? If you do, how about setting up an inflatable Santa Claus together with his reindeers and sleigh to boot?

There is no excuse not to decorate your apartment or townhouse because there are many Christmas decorations Melbourne to choose from. Bring your place alive for the holiday and stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Five Common Christmas Hazards in your Home

Christmas is the time of the year where we decorate our home with coloured lights, wreaths, Christmas trees, and garlands but one thing we fail to realise time and time again – all these items are fire and safety hazards. In fact, costly and deadly fires are recorded in the country every year because of it. Whether we like it or not, a home Christmas decoration is a safety hazard that we need to keep in mind. Plugging in too many Christmas lights may put the electrical outlet beyond its capacity and short-circuits may happen. Once that happen, any flammable material within the area may burst into flame while you and your family are asleep. Prevent that from happening and consider the idea of checking your home if it meets the required safety standards. If you are looking for apartments Sydney for rent, remove any fire hazards that you can find.


Believe it or not, the things we normally think as harmless and lovely are the real Christmas hazards in our home. We take this for granted because we are preoccupied with preparations for our party and holiday get-together with family and friends. We waste no time decorating our homes to the point of creating potential hazards that would put us in harm’s way. Here are the common Christmas hazards to watch out for:

Faulty Electrical Sockets


It is nice to see blinking lights on the Christmas tree but putting too many lights in your home may put the power socket beyond its capacity. As we tend to overuse electricity during the holidays, the chances of experiencing electrical fires are great. Overheated sockets will cause some electrical appliances to short circuit, especially the substandard lights that we buy cheap.

Christmas Decorations


Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands are flammable. Putting decorations outside of your home, especially on the roof, can be dangerous because you might lose your balance and fall.

Christmas Tree


From plastic to real pinewood, Christmas trees are the symbolic feature of the holidays. Despite its enduring popularity, Christmas trees remain the epicentre of most house fires. It doesn’t matter if you are living in one of the many luxuriously furnished apartments Melbourne or not.

Fire Risk Intensified


When you have so many flammable objects from wrapping paper to opened boxes, the fire risk is raised. We need to clean up the mess so that we can all but relax on Boxing Day and watch the cricket test match on the telly.

Over Excitement


When we are over excited, we tend to do things beyond our sensible judgment especially when we get drunk or weary from all the partying and drinking. Even if we are on our Sydney holiday apartments, we should keep in mind our own personal safety. We need to check out any potential hazards that will pose a serious safety risk on us.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Easy Tips for Hosting a Christmas Party in your Apartment

Whether you’re living in a small apartment space or a spacious studio apartment, the idea of hosting a Christmas party is one way of getting in touch with your family and friends that you haven’t seen for quite a while. Since nobody wants to be stuck in a boring apartment on a Christmas day, it is a good idea to be in the company of people that you know. Relieve your stress and have fun as you and your friends play games or exchange gifts. For people who have just moved in to their new apartment space they found via property search portal Odusee, it would be best to manage their event carefully so that everything will go smoothly as planned.


Keep the spirit of the holidays by having fun-filled activities and full of surprises. You don’t have to spend a lot of money just to host a Christmas party, just make it simple yet memorable. Make sure that you won’t disturb your neighbours from all the noise and fanfare in your party. Perhaps, you can even invite them to come and join the fun. Here are friendly and easy tips when hosting an apartment party in your apartment:

Guest List and Invitations


Since your apartment cannot accommodate more people that you can possibly imagine and you don’t want clean up the mess left behind by countless drunk guests then you might as well create a guest list so that you will know who are supposed to come. Send your invitations weeks in advance so that you have enough time to prepare your place for that event. Choose the day of the party where guests have free time to join your scheduled party. Ask for hosting a party tips from people who have hosted such events before.

Gift Giving Rules


When it comes to Christmas parties, gift giving is the most anticipated part of the event because this is where you will get your gifts and know the person who prepared for it. Set the amount for the gifts so that no one is obligated to buy the most expensive ones and to minimise any mismatches in the gift giving. Relieve the pressure of this important practice by ensuring that the house rules benefits everyone.

Fabulous Decor


Christmas trees and garlands are not enough, make sure that you have a theme for your party. Whether you want to have pirate themed party or a Hawaiian luau, it doesn’t matter as long as you have fun. The possibilities are endless. A party apartment atmosphere should also be warm, cozy, and comfortable so don’t overdo your Christmas decorations.

Party Mode


It’s all about enjoying the party so don’t slave yourself preparing for the event, seek help from your family and friends too! Prepare in advance so that you can just relax and enjoy the fun. Keep your guests on the edge of their seats with fun-filled games and surprising activities. If you have a very big party event, rent apartment for party events so that there is no need trash your own place.

Drink moderately


When there is party, there is a free flowing round of beer and other alcoholic drinks. Make sure you control yourself and have the responsibility to ensure your guests that they can return home safely. Offer a place to sleep in case one of your friends is too intoxicated to drive home.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Decoration Ideas for Small Spaces

Let’s face it, homeowners love to see all the colourful decorations and the lovely Christmas tree as you countdown to the most anticipated festivity of the year. When you see the bright lights, sparkling decors, and lovely Santa Claus figurines, you will definitely get into your holiday spirit. Depending upon your space, budget constraints, and personal preferences, your Christmas decoration may vary. If you have a small room, putting a large Christmas tree is out of the question because you need to maximise your space and take advantage of every room feature. If you happen to visit property search portal Odusee, take note of the information of any apartment for rent or home for sale advertisement that you’re interested in.


Since you don’t have a lot of space to work on, choose your decorations quite carefully. Use the existing features of your house and don’t go for large and cumbersome decorative pieces that needs a lot of maintenance to install. Start with the simple things from garlands to basic decorative fixtures before you let your imagination run wild. Here are the best Christmas decoration ideas that won’t take up space in your home:



For starters, you can start doing your home improvement and makeover by changing couch covers, throwaway pillows, and floor rugs with a Christmas motif. Replace the curtains, shades, and window blinds with recognisable colours of green, red, or gold. Change the worn out table cloths and table fixtures with anything that reminds you of the holidays.

Choose Small Decorative Christmas Accents


One of the most popular décor for small spaces is obviously a small Christmas tree that will fit in your living room. You may opt for a plastic and synthetic tree so you can just reassemble it for future use. An ornamental centrepiece for your dining table will put your dining room as the centre of all Christmas activities in your home. Never forget to put your mini nativity scene with all the figurines. Hanging ornaments like Christmas wreaths, stockings, garlands, and clings sum up all the basic decorative accents for your Christmas home makeover.

Lighting and Smell of Christmas


Aside from the aesthetic look, using good lighting is one way to emphasise the decoration. Make sure that the Christmas lights are not made of substandard bulbs and wirings. The smell of the pine tree as well as the aroma of scented candles will enhance the holiday mood. Choose the cinnamon, bayberry, peppermint or sugarplum scents. Among the many Christmas table decoration ideas, putting candles and elaborate knitted table covers will warm up your dinner table.

Bring Christmas to Your Bathroom and Bedroom


Who says Christmas is only reserved for the living and dining rooms? Extend the holiday spirit all the way to your bathroom. Images of Santa Claus, Christmas trees, ornaments or snowflakes are enough to put a smile on the faces of your guests. Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Decorate your personal space with a Christmas-themed beddings, holiday curtains, and Santa-themed lamps.

Lighten Up


Since you only have a very limited space, it would be best to put decorations that are appropriate for your home. Don’t over indulge with too much Christmas in your own space. Aside from the typical Christmas star decoration, you can also lighten up the place with simple shiny accents like golden balls and silver trimmings.


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